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Seavision Licence

At-Sea Entertainment for Your Crew
Movie screenings can be a fantastic way of entertaining all on board during long periods at sea.

Screening films is something that will make a real difference to your crew. It is the perfect way to increase morale and quality of life on board, allowing you to improve retention of valued and experienced employees.

With Filmbank’s quick and easy ordering service, you can be sure that you will be getting the best content legitimately delivered to your crew for their enjoyment.

The best Hollywood has to offer

Filmbank offers hours of DVD programming including the latest films as well as short programming and documentaries and can tailor content to suit your requirements.

With one of the largest film libraries in Europe, Filmbank’s catalogue dates from the very latest new releases as far back to the classics of the 1920s, meaning you could screen films from Casino Royale through to the Carry On classics. We can continually update you with the new releases, meaning your crew will not miss out on the latest films while they are away.

Legal requirements for at-sea film screenings

Under UK copyright law, a marine vessel wishing to play a film in public will generally require a licence of the copyright owner before doing so. 'In public’ means, broadly speaking, to an audience outside of the home. If the marine vessel does not obtain the required licence they risk infringing copyright. Please refer to the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 for full details or seek independent legal advice.

So, in nearly all cases, if you are playing films outside your home, you will need to buy a licence. Please ensure you are showing films within the law and you are screening films legitimately. Filmbank provides a fully licensed service allowing you to show films legally. We represent many leading Hollywood and independent film studios in the area of film screenings in the maritime sector including Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, MGM, Pathé Films, Entertainment Film Distributors and a number of leading independent distributors.

The Seavision Licence covers all films from a list of participating studios/distributors set out at participating studios or you can call Filmbank on +44(0)20 7984 5975. However, from time to time it may be necessary for Filmbank to withdraw certain films from the Seavision Licence – a list of such excluded films will be posted from time to time at the Seavision participating studios page.

Filmbank has 26 years of experience of providing quality licensed programming to ferries, merchant vessels and oil rigs in the maritime sector, also working with a number of approved licensees.

For further information call +44(0)20 7984 5975 or e-mail

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