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Hotelvision Licence

Leading provider of film content for
hotel in-room entertainment systems internationally

Filmbank is a leading provider of in-room entertainment to the world's finest hotels internationally, working directly with key technology providers to enable hotel guests to enjoy the latest films before release in retail or on television.

Promotional opportunities for hotels
Filmbank can work with hotels to create promotions around key movie releases in order to generate PR as well as help drive occupancy.

Availability 3-4 months before DVD release and 10-12 weeks after cinema release
Many major films are available in special early windows, prior to home entertainment release, which means that your hotel can provide guests with their very own film premiere.

HD Content
Now also available for some films, allowing the real benefit of exclusivity with the highest quality content available. Please contact us for further details.

Represented film studios
Some of the studios represented by Filmbank internationally include Warner Bros., Sony Pictures (Columbia Tristar), MGM, United Artists, Walt Disney (Including Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax), Twentieth Century Fox and Bollywood studio / producer Eros International. With a dedicated hotel sales servicing team, Filmbank is committed to providing all its licensees with film content as soon as it is available, in multiple formats and languages.

Hotelvision covers all films from a list of participating studios/distributors is set out at participating studios.

However, from time to time it may be necessary for Filmbank to withdraw certain films from HotelVision – a list of such excluded films will be posted from time to time at the PVS Licence participating studios page.

For more information call +44(0)20 7984 5975 or e-mail

**Please note, if you are a hotel and are looking to offer DVD's for guests to use in their rooms, you will need to apply for a DVD Concierge Licence**

Associated Organisations

CNN Hotels

'62% of business travellers said that the quality of the in-room entertainment influences their perception of a hotel' *

Research has shown that in-room entertainment is one of the most important factors when guests are selecting their hotel. There has never been a better time to use the biggest Hollywood movies as the lead for a promotion in your hotel in order to generate PR, occupancy and more importantly, increase in-room spend.

Filmbank can work with hoteliers by promoting hit movies and packaging them in a way that is attractive to regular as well as potential guests. Many movies are available in a special 'early-window' period, 3-4 months before DVD release and just 10-12 weeks after cinema providing your hotel with a real marketing advantage.

Hotels with Filmbank content are able to make use of the following tools:

  • Trailers
  • Film poster artwork
  • Film stills
  • Potential 3rd party tie-ins (subject to studio approval) and brand association

There is an enormous window of opportunity for hotels to promote their entertainment to guests both prior to and during their stay. Consider the following:

  • Prior to booking
    - Banner advertising on hotel websites promoting the latest movies on offer or even streaming trailers.

  • Following online booking
    - Confirmation email including details of which films will be showing during their stay.

  • On check-in:
    - Branded room key wallets with the latest big release film showing in their room.
    - Reception staff letting guests know exactly what is available to them.

  • During their stay
    - 3rd party promotions

  • Make the most of PR opportunities
    - Filmbank work with William Murray PR, a specialist PR agency working within the hospitality industry, to drive awareness of the opportunities available to hoteliers as well as working with hotel groups to put together their promotions and maximise media exposure.

To find out more on how you can run these kinds of promotions please call +44(0)20 7984 5966 or email

* Research carried out by Filmbank Distributors Limited and Opinion Matters in October 2008. Sample Size 2920

Filmbank is a leading international provider of in-room entertainment to the world's finest hotels, working directly with key technology providers to enable hotel guests to enjoy the latest films before release in retail (both physical & digital formats) or on television.

Please note that these Current Licensees are subject to change and some may be subject to restrictions in certain sectors. For further information please contact Filmbank on +44(0)20 7984 5975 or e-mail

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